Solar Film / Window Film

Have you thought about adding solar film to your windows, to provide extra protection from UV & Glare, and to help keep your house cool in the summer, did you know it’s also a deterrent against burglaries?

It’s great to have sunny houses, filled with natural light, but not everybody wants constant glare when watching television, fading furniture, a red hot house in the summer, or sun burnt sensitive skin whilst in their own home. Many people are also not aware just how much ultraviolet exposure they get in their own homes, and so are pleased to know there are solutions to all of these problems.

At Ely Glass & Glazing, we have great pleasure solving these issues through the application of solar film to windows, doors and conservatories. This innovative new method, allows you to limit the UV exposure in your homes by up to 99%, and with a higher SPF than most strong sun creams they allow you the pleasure of sun exposure in your house, without any of the risk. It also blocks out a lot of solar heat, so helps keep your house temperature cooler in the summer months.


Not only this but another key benefit of adding Solar Film to windows is that it can drastically reduce the attraction of your house to opportunistic burglaries, as most thieves are usually looking for quick and easy targets. Solar Film application stops windows being completely shattered, by bonding the glass to the plastic when broken, therefore making entry for burglars through windows much more time consuming and difficult, and providing you with more peace of mind on your homes safety. If this is a key concern for you, it may also be worth considering Secondary Glazing.


Ely Glass & Glazing provide Solar Film Services right across East Anglia, but primarily focus on the central regions around Cambridge, Ely, Newmarket, Thetford, Huntingdon, St Ives, Bury St Edmunds, Downham Market, Soham, Chatteris, Brandon & Mildenhall.

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